What’s Special About The Mattel Mindflex Game

If you have kids then you know that finding the best Christmas gifts for 2010 can be very difficult. Seriously you can spend hours and hours going from store to store without finding something new and different. Sure there are hundreds of dolls for girls and cars for boys, but something new is nowhere to be found. Nobody wants puzzles or GI Joe’s anymore. A lot of parents are buying video games for children, but do you really want your kids spending all of their time in front of television set rotting their brains while playing mindless game that need no brain function.

The Mattel toy company has come up with an all new type of game for children. It is a game that is first of it’s kind and it is quite revolutionary. It is called the Mattel Mindflex Game and believe it or not, you play it with your mind. You use your brainwaves to control the game. You wear a wireless headseat that uses EEG technology to monitor your brain activity which controls a fan. When you concentrate the game will make a ball rise on a cushion of air. When you relax the ball descends. The more you concentrate the higher the ball will rise. You will use this to navigate through different obstacle courses. With nine customizable obstacles there are hundreds of different combinations to play through.

The game is easy to pickup, but it takes some time to master. It is not for the smallest of children, but for kids from 8 years up. It is very fun for adults as well. With each set you will get a game console, one headset, four balls, three ring towers, five rings, two maze cages, two wall panels, four shelf panels, one funnel, one cannon, one teeter-totter and a propeller wheel. So you can create all types of courses.  The best thing about this game is that it can improve concentration. If you have hyperactive kids then this the game for you.