Honest Review of The Dukan Diet

Deciding which diet you are going to follow, can be quite difficult these days as there are so many of them readily available. Not many of us have the experience needed to be able to combine the best diets for one that best fits us.

The Dukan Diet was originally developed by a French doctor Pierre Dukan, who was not satisfied with the health of the average person. Almost any health problem can be linked to obesity and unhealthy eating habits, and that is why it was important for Pierre Dukan to create a diet which was easy to follow, and produced results really fast.

It has been spread in to four different phases, which are in fact a great way to keep the dieter motivated as they are constantly looking for the next phase, and doing the work so that they can get to the next level. The fourth phase is a maintenance phase which is designed to help people keep their weight at the ideal.

What we did find was the best thing about he Dukan Diet is that you are not going to count calories, and you will not have to measure your food. You have easily over 100 different foods that you can eat to avoid boredom and taste fatigue, and food sensitivities.

What Is The Dukan Diet?

Consisting of mainly different meats and vegetables, it will give you a lot of protein which will maintain even blood sugar levels, and fight cravings for sugary foods. Because there are a lot of vegetables, you will get a good source of fibrous carbohydrates, and you can’t accidentally overeat on them – not many people can eat 20 grams of carbs from vegetables in one meal.

Depending on the phase you are in, you have a different variety of foods available, and this is what gives you motivation for it. You know that once you reach a certain point, you can start adding different foods, and it doesn’t seem like an endless project.

Phase 1 of the Dukan Diet (Attack!) is simple – eat only meat! This phase is designed to give you a good head start for weight loss. The reason why it works is a bit complicated for most, but let’s make it simple. First of all, most of the people who are trying to lose weight, are falsely avoiding meat. When you avoid meat you easily start using allergen containing protein sources such as dairy.

Many people are obese because of food sensitivities that keep their cortisol levels high on a regular basis – doesn’t matter how healthy you eat, if you are sensitive to the foods that you are consuming. A meat only diet will help your body to rest from the allergens, and it will also give your system amino acids which are needed for detoxification.

A very high protein diet is going to boost your detoxification. Because you are using mainly meat in your diet now, your body will start getting rid of different chemicals which come from various sources, and the extra protein intake is going to help with this.

Since meat is very low with the glycemic load, you will also improve your insulin sensitivity. Since your blood glucose levels will not rise very high, you will not feel the crash that follows – you will not be hungry and feel faint! Since you don’t have the spikes in your blood glucose, your body will learn how to use fat as energy more efficiently, and it will also have time to repair the damage that elevated blood glucose can cause.

This is indeed the most important phase of the Dukan Diet for success. You need to get your body adapted to using fat as energy, and not control your energy levels with sugary foods.

The phase 2 of the Dukan Diet (Cruise) is what you will be doing as long as you need to lose weight. If you have a lot of weight to lose, then this is the phase at which you will be the longest, and it is what you will get used to. After a while you might notice you are hoping to get to phase 3 already, but if you stay in phase 2 for a long time, you will be able to get rid of all cravings for good.

Many people who have followed a meat + vegetables diet only for extended periods of time, have reported to lose all their cravings for carbohydrates and unhealthy sugary foods. Your body will thank you for eating a diet like this, and reward you with zero cravings!

The biggest reason we think is that your body gets so used to managing the blood glucose and energy levels by using adipose tissue as energy, it forgets everything about sugar. Your brain is what usually craves the sugary foods for a quick fix of glucose, but after a while it learns how to manufacture it’s own energy!

The pounds will literally melt off, as you are alternating between protein only, and protein and vegetables one day after another. Pierre Dukan advices that you stay three days in the phase 2 per each pound that you think you need to lose. So for someone who needs to lose 10 pounds, using the phase 2 for a month should be enough.

Someone who has to be in the phase 2 for a longer period of time, will notice how easy it is to follow, and how good it makes you feel – it might be difficult to get away from it! This is actually one of the reasons that we think it works for a long term solution; people using it will make “Phase 2:ish” choices even when they are in their goal weight.

The phase 3 of the Dukan Diet (Consolidation) is where you have to be really careful! This phase is in turn when your diet has taken you to the weight where you want to be in. It’s time to start shifting your mindset from weight loss to maintenance, but it has to be done slowly to avoid the Yo-Yo effect!

Carbs can be very addictive, and if you don’t monitor your intake at all in the beginning, you might go over the board, destroy your new found insulin sensitivity, and gain back the weight in record time.

You are going to add foods to your diet one by one, and eat two meals each week of whatever you feel like. Keep in mind that these are meals, and once you are done, you can’t go for seconds in an hour! It’s no longer the same meal!

Just like the Phase 2, Phase 3 has a timeline. Every pound you lost so far, multiplied by 5, is the number of days you have to stay in the Consolidation phase. This will make sure that you don’t bounce back to your old habits. It is recommended that you keep eating mainly similar foods as you did in the previous phase, and add the other foods slowly to your diet.

Finally the phase 4 of the Dukan Diet (Stabilization) has arrived, and after spending 60 days in Phase 2 to lose 20 pounds, and 100 days in Phase 3 to make sure that you are able to maintain the weight lost, you can get back to “normal life”. This doesn’t meant that you should order a pizza for breakfast – you want to keep the weight there!

There are three rules for the rest of your life!

  1. Every Thursday, get back to phase 1 and eat protein only. This will help you maintain the insulin sensitivity, and it will help your body repair itself. Why Thursday, and not any other day of the week? Well most of us, tend to lose it during the weekend, and eat unhealthy foods and even drink some alcohol. Social events that require you to eat unhealthy are usually held during the weekend, and when you deplete your glycogen on Thursday, most of the excess energy you consume, will be stored inside your muscles, instead in the fat!
  2. Eat oat bran daily. Simple. You need the fiber to keep your satiety.
  3. Exercise when possible. This doesn’t mean you will have to hit the gym, but instead walk when you can drive, run when you can walk, and use the stairs where available!

Overall the Dukan Diet is one of the most sain diets that work out there today, and you can find many Dukan Diet reviews which will agree on this!

Resveratrol Supplements Help With Weight Loss As Well

If you haven’t already heard about the myriad of health benefits that resveratrol has, you have been living under a rock. The hype started soon after Barbara Walters featured a segment about all the anti aging properties that this miracle molecule found in red wine has, and ever since it has been studied vigorously with more and more promising results found every day.

If you want to learn about resveratrol supplements all you need to to is a quick search on one of the search engines on the internet. Even so I will do my best to list a few of reasons why it can speed up weight loss, but also go through some of the health benefits that you can get from increasing your resveratrol intake – keep in mind that you should not directly link this to drinking more red wine since over consumption of alcohol will definitely have some adverse effects as well. Even so a glass or two every now and then should not be so bad after all – as long as you aren’t drinking the whole bottle.

Improvements in insulin sensitivity

One of the biggest health problems in the world right now is type 2 diabetes. This is caused by a decrease in insulin sensitivity and other abnormalities in insulin metabolism. In general all of this is caused by overweight and unhealthy eating habits, and that these problems can almost certainly be removed by losing weight.

There are supplements like resveratrol that actually help increasing the insulin sensitivity which will also make weight loss easiler, and that is why most of the personal trainers and dieticians will suggest you to use a supplement of this kind when you are trying to get rid of excess fat.

Increase in the amount of mitochondria

Another thing that is often talked about when weight loss is concerned is the rate of your resting metabolism. This is basically the amount of energy that your body consumes when you aren’t doing anything. The faster your metabolic rate is, the more energy you are going to burn and the more fat you will use for energy.

Mitochondria is the power station of your cells, and it takes care of most of the energy production in your body. Increasing the amount of mitochondria will indirectly increase your metabolic rate and help you lose weight at a faster weight. Since most of the enzymatic pathways that turn glucose in to ATP  – the most important molecule used for energy by our cells – it will give your more energy and it will also help you lose fat while that is happening.

Men get more testosterone and less estrogen

A mans body is designed to be lean and muscular – this is easily readable from a healthy hormonal profile. Testosterone has many functions but a few of the most visible ones is the increase in muscle mass and the decrease in fat mass. Estrogen on the other hand is a female sex hormone that has a tendency to make men fat – they will start storing excessive amounts of flubber especially on their chest and on their thighs. Androgens – male sex hormones – have also been shown to increase insulin sensitivity, which is a definite bonus for anyone looking to be lean.

Resveratrol supplements have been shown to promote healthy function of the enzyme called aromatase. Aromatase functions mainly by aromatizing different molecules such as testosterone, by adding an aromatic ring to the steroid chain that is found in all hormones. When this aromatic ring is added to it, it will be an estrogen and cause emotional problems and also excessive fat storing in men. When the enzyme functions in a natural way, it will not convert too much of male sex hormones to female hormones.

Resveratrol supplements should be used consistently

If you are looking for the best way to stay healthy, and also maintain a healthy looking figure, then adding one of the best resveratrol supplements do your diet is definitely something that you should look in to. It is one of the most promising health supplements there are, and using it on a daily basis should help you get the results that you are after.