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One of the best ways to improve the rate at which you lose weight and fat is to use a green tea weight loss supplement to help you boost the results.

One of the most powerful and the highest quality green tea for weight loss is Tava Tea. Unlike most green tea it is a blend to make it 2,5 times stronger for weight loss than just green tea!

You know it – there is an easy way to improve your weight loss speed without actually eating pills or capsules.


You can do it by drinking tea, but not just any kind of tea – the Tava Tea.


With Tava Tea you are not only going to enjoy the benefits of green tea but also the benefits of this high quality weight loss tea blend:


  • Speed up your metabolism – burn more calories and lose weight
  • Sencha leaves help you reduce the risk of heart disease
  • Oolong leaves help you lower cholesterol, fight free radicals and burn fat
  • Puerh help you lower cholesterol, prevent cancer cells from forming and burn fat!
  • Burn 2.5 times more calories per cup than green tea!
  • This unique blend will help you get to your target weight in no time



green weight loss teaIf you are new to green tea and want to learn more about it before you choose to use it, here are some of the best benefits that you can get from using it to help with your goals.


The largest problem with people who have weight issues is insulin management. Their body is not able to properly produce insulin at correct amounts and it isn’t able to use it as efficiently as it should be.


The cause for this is that they don’t have enough nutrients in their foods, and they are on a diet that is high in sugars. This can lead to health problems and even to diabetes in some cases.


The best thing about Green Tea is that it fights these problems, and it has been used by the Chinese for quite a long time for this purpose, but also because it gives you energy.


Not only will Tava Tea make you lose weight, but it will also give you more energy for exercise to further boost the results.


Green tea contains a very strong antioxidant called EGCG – there are literally thousands of studies that are proving it works great for people who want to lose weight.


When you consume Tava Tea your body will not only be able to burn more calories more, but you will also manage your blood sugar more efficiently. This means that you will not be hungry so soon after the meal!


So you are preventing diabetes and overweight when you choose to use green tea for weight loss.


Tava tea:

  • Contains high amounts of EGCG – The fat burning compound in Green tea!
  • Tava Tea will boost weight loss 2,5 times more than Green tea!
  • 100% Organic – No pesticides –  Your body can focus on burning fat!
  • Will help your body detoxify – improves your metabolic rate!
  • Boosts fat oxidization so you will lose fat, not lean body mass!Another major factor in obesity these days is also faulty estrogen metabolism. Using Tava Tea can help you normalize your estrogen production in as short time as a week!


The speed of results often comes as a surprise when you use a high quality Green Tea for weight loss like Tava Tea. Lower quality products rarely produce the same results because of poor ingredients – when the plant is malnourished during cultivation it will not have similar properties as a better product.


Health Benefits Of Green Tea

Besides just having weight loss properties, green tea for weight loss also comes packed with health benefits. Most of them are linked to the fact that it will help you lose fat which will improve your overall health, but some of them are simply because it is packed with unique antioxidants.


Keep in mind that when you are choosing to use any herbal product, you need to make sure that they are guaranteed to contain what they promise and nothing else. Tava Tea has both CERES and USDA Organic certification!


That is not all!

Green tea has many different ways that it can help you be healthier. Weight loss is not the only benefit. If you are at all concerned about your cardiovascular health, or you have cancer in your family, it is time to start lowering your risks.


Simply using Tava Tea you will have a significantly lower risk to get any of these illnesses, but you will also improve your overall health. Many people find themselves being more energetic and enjoying life more when they are drinking this tea.


I actually never really wanted to believe how well it could work, and I hesitated a long time before I purchased my initial batch of this top of the line green tea weight loss tea. When I first started using using it, my results were quite staggering.


During the first week while I was quite suspicious about this product, I lost two pounds without really even changing my diet. This might not sound much for you but for me, drinking one small cup of good tasting tea in the morning and losing two pounds a week is something to strive for!


So I doubled my dose and took one bag of it with me for work – I could easily drink it during my coffee break, and because the bags loo just like regular bags, no-one would even notice that I am using a weight loss product.


I remember thinking that I could secretly lose all that weight with the best green tea! Weight loss is something that I have always struggled with, and that is why I wanted to keep my attempts a secret for now. After drinking to cups of tea for a week I was already five pounds lighter than two weeks ago – and I kept getting smaller week after week!


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