Naturally improving the look of your skin

Healthy, and supple skin is a sign of a generally healthy body. Experts tell us that even at the subconscious level, good skin is one of the key points which attracts us to a member of the opposite sex. It is no surprise then, that acne, or any other skin disorder can be a real setback to a person’s self-esteem.

Modern medicine has given us many drugs and treatments which can improve the way your skin looks. Many of these are very effective, but for various reasons you may prefer a natural, dietary based approach instead. It may be that your health practitioner has advised against taking drugs or artificial supplements of any sort because they interfere with a medical condition or existing medication you are taking. Whatever the reason, effective natural alternatives are available.

One of the best-known of these is wheat grass juice. In recent years this juice has become immensely popular as a detox tonic, as well as being used as part of many weight loss diets. The juice, made from very young weak shoots, is extremely rich in antioxidant compounds, nutrients, and vitamins. Many people have reported drastically improved skin conditions after drinking the juice for several weeks.

The most common way of obtaining wheat grass juice is to buy a ready-made from juice bars, health food stores or even at a local gym. Although it is convenient to buy the juice ready-made, this can be quite expensive in the long run. Each shot of juice is likely to cost between five dollars and seven dollars, and this clearly adds up to a lot of money if you are drinking the recommended minimum of one shot daily. A much more affordable alternative is to buy a compact hand juicer, and then juice your own wheat grass shoots at home. It’s not hard to make – all you need to do is crush young wheat shoots, releasing the liquid inside the young plants.

A hand juicer is in many ways superior to an electric juicer machine when it come to making wheat grass juice. Because the juice is only made in small shots of about 30 mL, it is not appreciably slower to use a manual juicer. It takes about two minutes to make a shot of juice, and although you might be able to do this slightly faster with an electric model, you need to factor in that it will take you longer to clean up the electric machine. A hand juicer as such in comparison is fast and easy to use, and has only very few parts to wash and then reassemble.

You can either grow your own wheat grass on a sunny windowsill or bench, or buy ready to juice from a local grower. There are usually growers located close to all major centres, and they supply the cafes and juice bars who normally sell the juice by the shot. You can expect to pay about four dollars per 12 inch square tray of wheat shoots, each of which will make about four shots of the juice. If you have the time, then growing your own is a lot of fun, especially if you have kids – with  a bit of creativity you could easily turn this into a great after school project. Just remember that the shoots need to be about 3 weeks old before juicing, so there will be a bit of a delay at first!

When you are ready to juice, start by drinking no more than one shot of juice daily. As you get used to the strong taste, you can work your way up to 2 or even three shots per day. Over a period of 2 to 3 weeks you should notice a significant improvement in any skin condition you may have, as well as improved levels of energy and a general feeling of well-being.

Natural Detox Diet With Wheat Grass Juice

Detox is the expression on everyones lips nowadays. It’s often less weight loss or improved physique that health columns speak about, as more and more people recognise that a build up of toxins can be one of the greatest threats to long term health.

Sure, being overweight or unfit certainly don’t help your path to a long life, but they are only half the story: Eating processed foods, taking medications, and even taking so called health supplements can cause your body to become slowly poisoned from within. The result is susceptibility to common ailments, sluggishness, and all too often weight gain.

Detox (short for detoxification that is) involves flushing out these poisons. The expression flushing is itself a bit misleading, but commercial health care companies love it because it suggests that it is possible to rid yourself of the toxic burden virtually overnight. In truth, detoxification is a slow process that can only proceed at a certain pace, as each individual cell releases chemicals into the bloodstream to be gradually removed.

So how can you cleanse your body in a safe and effective manner? One answer that many people are turning to is drinking freshly made wheat grass juice, that is juice made from young wheat shoots. This concentrated tonic is very rich in anti oxidants, living enzymes, and phytochemicals that either bind to toxic compounds and help carry them out of the body by natural means of elimination, or by rendering them more or less inert.

The beauty of using wheat grass juice is that it is a totally natural substance that is safe for anyone to use, unlike many commercial products that can interfere with health conditions or medications.

How can you get wheat grass juice? The best thing to do is to make your own – all you need is a hand juicer (cheaper and faster than an electric one) and a supply of wheat shoots. These you can buy in trays or grow yourself.

Although you can buy wheat grass juice at juice bars, it is quite expensive, so that even a good quality stainless steel juicer would pay for itself within a short time. Where I live, a small shot of juice is $5 at minimum, so over the course of a few weeks (assuming you are drinking at least one shot a day) you will easily recover that initial cost.

The idea behind a natural detoxification program is that you allow your body to recover gradually – naturally. This means you cannot expect lightning fast results. However, it is fair to expect that within approximately 2 weeks of beginning a wheat grass juice program you will feel a difference.

The first stage of detoxification can actually be bit alarming: many people report dark circles worsening or forming below their eyes, diarea, acne, and excessive tiredness. Unfortunately this can be a real deterrent to persevering with the project, because it seems that what you are doing is making your condition worse. In actual fact, this is your body really getting into the game, and finally releasing the chemicals that are held in cells all through the body. It is this sudden release of the toxic chemicals that makes your body go into true “purge” mode, and do everything it can to get them out as fast as possible – hence the frequent visits to the toilet, and skin conditions.

No wonder you may experience unusual tiredness – this is all very hard work!

The benefits of sticking to your detox program are many, and once you are over the initial 4-5 weeks you will noticeably bounce back with extra energy. Feeling good is addictive, and this boost will help you reach your fitness and weight loss goals also.