BlackBerry Storm2 9550 Phone

Blackberry StormAre you constantly looking for a new mobile phone because you never found something that had everything you need?  I never found a phone that had all I wanted before I found the BlackBerry Storm2 9550 by Verizon Wireless and if you want a mobile phone with most of the options available you should definitely check this one out.

To start with its huge list of features I am going to begin with the screen. The iPhone from apple actually started the whole game with the touch screen phones and Verizon is joining the game ans the Storm 2 9550 has a large 3,25″ screen which has 65,000 colors – more than you need to get a crisp and lifelike image. The best thing about this screen is that it is very good for watching the images and pictures you can take with the 3,2MP camera, or you can use it to watch the videos you record. Since a true smartphone today needs not only to have the best features there is, it also needs to be easy to use, and this BlackBerry has especially easy switching between the large number of applications that it has. You don’t want to have to dig in to long menus to find what you need, but instead you need to be able to go where you want with a flick of your finger.

The one best places to get a phone like this is definitely large online stores like Amazon since they can afford to give you offers like the one they have on this particular smartphone, where you will save $350. It sounded too good to be true at first when I heard about it but to be honest I really did save that much when I compared it to the regular price.

Really the best price for this phone is actually quite close to $150. Most of the stores where you find this phone are not going to sell it to you with this price, but you can find nice online offers for it at this price. The best place to actually find it is the internet mostly because you can easily browse through so many different stores and also you can make a little comparison between different phones at the same time. That way you will find the cheapest price online for this BlackBerry.