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There are many celebrities that seem to lose weight really fast,and the reason for this is that they have someone to tell them exactly what to do to achieve results. Nicole Catherine “Snooki”Polizzi has been losing weight really fast for this summer at the Jersey Shore,and the reason behind her success is no other than the Zantrex-3 fat burner!


You want to lose weight at the same rate as Snooki,and you want to have that beach body as she now has! Don’t waste time doing the useless situps,or going running on an empty stomach –they have no power compared to the Zantrex-3.


We don’t recommend people to use this supplement,unless they are ready get the body of their dreams! It will literally melt the fat away from your body. If you are not ready for a total body transformation,stop reading right now!


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Using a thermogenic fat burner like this will help your body not only burn more calories,but burn more fat. By slightly rising your body temperature,it will tap in to the fat stores to get the extra energy needed,and it will turn your body in a furnace simply designed to burn fat.


If you are doing workouts,using Zantrex-3 will boost fat burning workouts,and you will get even more fat burning effect from it. Just take two capsules an hour before you are doing the workout,and you will notice improved energy levels and better results.


It is so effective in boosting your metabolism,that we suggest you don’t take your second dose later than 2 p.m. or you might have trouble sleeping afterwards. Take 2 capsules in the morning with your breakfast,and take 2 capsules with your lunch.


Are you too tired to work-out? Do you feel like you need more energy to lose weight? Zantrex-3 “Snookis Choice”weight loss pills will give you the energy you need!


The reason why so many people find it very effective is that it doesn’t only help boost your metabolism,but it will also help control your appetite. The appetite suppressing compounds in Zantrex-3 help you control your portion sizes,and they will help you prevent eating sugary foods that you would normally destroy your diet with!


More than double your chances of getting the slim and sexy body you want,and use it before the toughest workouts. You can’t put a price tag on a perfect body! Buy the Zantrex-3 here.

41 comments to Zantrex-3 “Snooki’s Favorite”Weight Loss Pills

  • Maria

    Is mouth dryness one side effect of zantrex?

  • Jessica Stell

    I just bought my bottle of Zantrex 3 at Walgreens here in Chicago,however it appears I got the blue bottle…PLEASE tell me the same results apply….PLEASE!!!! I have been taking them since Thursday,I feel fine none of the side effects mentioned haev occured. Thank goodness! I have worked out but I still feel kinda tired still? what gives??? How do I get this profound energy?


    • damin

      The blue bottle is the “weight loss”supplement,and the red one is the “fat burner”. It contains an ingredient that is clinically proven to speed up the breakdown of fat cells,so you will not just lose weight,but actually fat.

  • jessiboo

    So what are the side effects and is the red bottle bestto drop wheight quick.

    • damin

      The red bottle is better if you are in a hurry. It contains oxydrene which is a compound that can give you better endurance,stamina and fat oxdation.

  • deniseeex3

    i am 13 years old is it ok if i use these pills?

  • brittany tyree

    okay so im 18 and weigh about 190 and im tired of feeling uncomfortable but i work all the time and i dont really have the time to work out. would the zantrex 3 red bottle be good for me to use?

    • damin

      Like we always say;you will first have to make sure that you are eating diet which works,before you can try to get the results with a weight loss pill. For some,buying the pills will help to get the motivation to follow the diet,for others it can be the other way around! Do what feels the most comfortable for you,but in the end you have to pay attention to your diet as well if you hope to get good results.

      Remember that if you make a change in your lifestyle now when you are so young,you will be able to carry it for the rest of your life much easier! So start eating those vegetables and your meat,skip the pasta and ice cream! You can get the body that you want and most of the time it doesn’t even require a lot of working out in the gym. If you want to get results really fast,then you have to work out a lot,but if your diet is okay,you will get there,only slightly slower.

      If you are unsure of the type of diet that you need to lose weight,read our Dukan Diet Review and if you still have questions,you can ask them there! All the best,I hope you get where you want to be!

  • angie

    does the zantrex 3 red bottle make you feel sick to your stomach or make you feel nervous or jittery inside? I really want to try this but dont like the feeling that makes you feel nausous..anyones advise pls

  • Katt

    i bought it but i really dont have time to go work out im a new mom and my baby takes most of my time .. so if i eat healthy like soups and salads would the pill help me or not

  • Margaret

    I have been using the blue bottle and lost about 46 pounds. I was wondering because I seem level off. I’m looking only to lose another 10 to 15 more. would the red bottle give the little kick to get off again or should I just stick with the blue bottle?

  • Margaret

    ok,thanks,I’ll let you know.

  • brittney

    im 16 and i weigh about 115 pounds but i have very big thighs and arms,i cheer and dont have much time to workout,i just want to lose 15 pounds is this good for me if so which bottle should i use?

  • arly

    i want to start using this product but which bottle is better for weight loss the red or blue ?

  • Jessica

    I am not good with food diets or exercise,will these pills help me loss weight still?

    • damin

      You’ll need to get the diet and exercise part in order for anything to work well…If you are eating a lot more than you should,then no supp will undo that.

  • mari

    Iam 16 and i had a baby in april would it be ok if i take these pills? If yes which ones?

  • Kitana James

    Hi I’m 16 and I weight 180 pounds n I dnt look like it cause I’m curvy in all the right places but I have thick legs so I was wondering if I could use this product and which bottle should I use the red or blue one?

  • Kitana

    Hi I’m 16 and I weight about 180 pounds n I dnt look like it cause I’m curvy in all the right places but I have thick legs so I was wondering if I could use this product and which bottle should I use the red or blue one?

  • sasha

    i’m 16 and weigh about 135 pounds. i have big problems with my thighs and stomach area. which bottle should i use,red or blue? also is it safe for me and what side effects are there?

  • Slider

    Im 47 and 5’1 wt 125- I know it varies,but if I used the red how long before I get to 99lbs?

  • Nina

    i am 16 can i use these pills?

  • Leslie

    I am 16 and i weigh 250,i want to lose weight fast should i take the read bottle or the blue bottles

  • Trace^_^

    I recently had my second child 4 1/2 months ago (about the same time when Nicole “SNOOKIE”Polizzi had her’s). I was looking online and seen her post baby weight and she slimmed down to 98lbs. I was so jealous cuz I wanted to be down to my post baby weight which was 115-120 or even slimmer to 112. Right now I weigh 150 (I know kinda big),but I want to feel confident and sexy about my body especially around my boyfriend and I don’t. After reading how Snooki lost all of her baby weight with Zantrex-3 I was thinking to maybe try that out too but kind of self concious about it. I don’t know what the side effects could be or what. If anyone out there can give some kind of advise that would really help,please reply back.

  • Tiffany

    I’m 15 is it okay for me to use the pills

  • Lisa

    I know this article is so old but I want to know ppls opinions. So I’m 20 and for a girl my age having a nice body is every girls dream. I obviously have love handles and I want to get rid of them,I’ve been searching around and I’ve heard all these scary stories of all these other dieting pills. But I want to loose weight fast I’m not sure if Zantrex 3 fat burner is safe but I want to try it. I get so lazy to work out because I get so tired from work. Help anyone??

  • Crystal

    How old do you have to be to use this? Can you be 16? And do you have to start working out and eating healthy to see results? Any major side effects? I heard people got strokes or something wrong with their brain.

  • Mariah

    I bought the red bottel from walmart i took two as instructed on bottle but got really dizzy and vomited is this normal or should i start out with one first the gradually go to two?

  • The Man

    How long will it take to lose about 50 pounds? or how many pounds can i lose in a week using the red bottle?

  • The Man

    How many pounds can i lose in a week using the red bottle?

  • Jae

    Okay so I just brought the red bottle at cvs. I’m about 50lbs over weight and for about a week now I’ve been doing zumba. I’m thinking with the combination of both and a better diet this will work. I’m also not big on caffeine in other forms like soda,chocolate,and etc.Well I will let you know what happens.


    I need to lose about 30 pounds if I ate healthy will the Zantrex-3 in the red bottle help me lose the weight I need to.With no exercises

  • mimi

    does it affect your period days? of can it bring you any diseases?

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