What Is The Best Gun Safe For The Money?

People usually want the cheapest gun safe they can find, but really do not want the cheapest lousy tin box there is. You actually want the best  safe for the money and that is a completely different thing. You want quality with an affordable price. Some people buy standard safes, but I would advice against that. Standard safes are not made for guns.

That means they are not padded to protect the gun and they are not tough enough. That is because in some situations a gun or a bullet can accidentally be fired inside the safe. That is why you need a safe that can withstand the impact. Gun safes are also fire safe for the same reason. So what is the cheapest high quality gun safe on the market these days. Well that all depends on what you are looking for. There are smaller safes also known as pistol gun safes. They only have room for a pistol or two and it is the best choice for a person who owns a gun for home protection purposes. Medium sized gun safes can hold many weapons and even valuables like jewelry, cash, passports and so on.  The biggest safes can hold rifles and shot guns.

There are also different types of locks available for the safes. There are the basic key lock safes. These types of safes are best for rifle gun safes, because you can make copies of the keys. That way multiple people can store their weapons in the same place and all of them have access to it. It is great for hunters and hunting lodges. Then you have the classic combination safes.

It is a good choice for medium sized safes. You can open it without a key. So you don’t have to carry around a key. The newest type of safe lock on the market is the biometric safe also known as the fingerprint safe. It the most secure of the three and it is the best type for a small pistol gun safe. It is very quick to open in a life threatening situation compared to the two. There is no code that you can forget easily in a stressful situation and there is no key to look for. You just swipe you finger across the reader and the safe opens. As simple as that.

It is also the best lock type if you have small children in the house, because they can take the key when you are not looking or they can even guess the combination. As fingerprints are unique, there is no chance they can open that safe without you knowing. There have been too many cases of  children getting hold of guns and accidentally shoot themselves or someone else.

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  1. Thanks for the quick intro to types of safes for guns. You have recommended some good little safes that will likely be a good fit for a number of people. Talking to and learning from someone who is an expert in safes can go a long way toward making sure you buy a safe that will provide the kind of security that is needed.

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