What You Need to Know Before You Buy Mattresses

Buying a new mattress can be confusing because there are different types of mattress and there are different sizes as well.  In order to determine which size or type would best fit you one must know how each type will benefit you and the dimensions for each size that will make things easier for you when you sleep.  It is also imperative to gather complete and accurate facts for each type and size that will help you determine which one will work best for you.

Inner-spring mattresses are popular in Australia because of its function providing support and comfort to you.  The latex type of mattress on the other hand is made of “natural hypo-allergenic material” squeezed out from rubber trees.  They have “pin-core holes” in their design that allows them to breathe.  They are designed to fit the shape of ones body and are durable however they are very expensive.  The memory foam also known as visco elastic foam are commonly used in seats of astronauts as it soaks “g-forces” and they are made from polyurethane.  Majority results on interviews from testers had said the same thing that lying on it made them feel as if they were “floating.”  This type is shaped to follow the contour of one’s body and aids to support hips, shoulders.  And we have the pillow tops which are a combination of the inner-spring and latex mattress.  They have feathers on the top most layers thus providing cushion to the person.

When you talk about sizes this is more confusing than figuring out the type of mattress.  They may be labeled in general as the same in different countries but they actually differ in their meanings and their dimensions definitely have marginal differences.  The single size mattress dimension in the USA is 39x79in while in Europe it is 36x75in and in Asia it is 42x78x22in.  In general single mattress is used for twin size beds and in itself the mattress can be referred to as a single or a twin mattress.  It is popularly used for children and teenagers. Single bed mattress is suitable to use in trundle beds, bunk beds commonly used also in guest rooms and for bachelors.   A variety of this type is the super single mattress which is a bit bigger and is used for waterbeds.  It s important also to remember that the beddings must fit the mattress to give you a comfortable rest and this beddings for this size is easy to find.

Full mattress or commonly known as double mattress American dimension is 54x75in in Europe it is 54x75in while in Asia it is 48x78x22in. A variety for this type is the Double/Full XL.  This is popular for couples but ideal only for one sleeper who is below 5ft 5in tall to as it provides a little more room compared to the single size.  This is also ideal for children who are in their teens.

King size beds are very popular to sleep in.  Its dimension in USA is 76x80in, in Europe it is 60x75in and in Asia it is 72x78x22in.  Most ideal for couples providing them much room to move and sleep in comfortably. Considered also as the most comfortable and convenient size of mattress for large people.  It is the largest size of mattress although you may still make special orders for its variety which is the giant mattress.    In general all mattress of this size have four main support of which includes air chambers, inner springs, foam and water and they are not only large but very thick too.

The queen size mattress dimension is 60x80in American size and 72×85 for European size.  A variety of this is the Olympic or expanded queen size.  Ideal for couples but provides less room for space than the king mattress.  A best type of bed recommended for guest rooms and smaller master bedrooms.  This is one of the most popular size which gives comfort and great to invest in.  However this type must have a firm base to avoid sagging of the foam and must be rotated every four weeks.

With all these information you may well be on your way to buy the right kind and size of mattress for you.  Other things to consider before buying though is to make sure that the mattress you choose must be able to provide support to your body and for children make sure that the type of material used is allergy free.  Check the warranty, firmness and quality, the comfort it will give you or your family, durability, your budget and the brand.  The price is not the issue here when you go buy a mattress what is important above most is that the comfort and support it will give you.

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